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John Gibson throws stones from his glass house, hits mirror

Reported by Chrish - August 22, 2007 -

In yet another display of rank hypocrisy (or incredible denial) John Gibson chastised the media for allowing personal opinions and feelings to seep out in the newsrooms. His My Word segment last Thursday 8/16/07 called out Seattle Times and MSNBC newsroom staffers for cheers at the announcement of Karl Rove's resignation and jeers at GWBush's SOTU address in 2003, respectively.

He declared

"This isn't supposed to be happening. Not in those two newsrooms or any other.

There are those who like to throw stones, and it's amazing how often they are sitting in glass houses. But at least now we know."

This coming from one of the most radical right conservatives at FOX News, where they cheerlead the Bush administration and jeer and ridicule Democrats and liberals, literally all day long.

He may have forgotten the Moody memo that instructed FOX staffers to look for Iraqi insurgents cheering the Democratic victories last November, but we haven't. Maybe Gibson conveniently forgot, too, that his boss's boss Rupert Murdoch admitted in Davos Switzerland that his media holdings "tried" to shape the agenda on the Iraq war, but we haven't.

This is the latest example of FOX News throwing mud at their competition in an attempt to paint themselves as the only trustworthy and unbiased sources of news. FOX staffers have thrown so much mud from their own glass house they've distortrd the view out and the smears they imagine are on their competition are really in their own house.