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Is it Fox News or is it Sex News?

Reported by Melanie - August 17, 2007 -

I put a post up earlier today (August 17, 2007) that included a report by Fox's Rebecca Gomez about strippers in NYC profiting from the stress "Wall Streeters" are feeling as a result of the subprime/credit crunch.

At the time I didn't have video. Now I do.

Is Gomez's segment about the housing market? About waiters and waitresses? About strippers? Or is it about Gomez's boobs? Watch the chyron disappear. And could it be that Gomez added a little dab of highlighter to her chest to accentuate her cleft? Is this sex as news or news as sex? No! Say it ain't so. Not on the flag wavin', God fearin', American-as-apple-pie, proteching-you-from-evil Fox "News" Channel!