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Was Sean Hannity's Private Travel Funded By Public Dollars?

Reported by Ellen - August 11, 2007 -

Report out of Ohio: Sean Hannity, in Cincinnati for his "Freedom Concert," did some freeloading on the public dime with a chauffeured ride from a publicly funded law enforcement agency to a ritzy steakhouse luncheon date with former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

The Daily Bellwether quotes from another publication, The Whistleblower,

"Republican Presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani came into town on Thursday for several whirlwind appearances here. Oddly, Sheriff Si Leis used his offices and vehicles (not the Cincinnati police) to escort Giuliani to Ruby's Steak House on Walnut Street downtown, with blue lights and sirens, for a lunch-time fundraiser. Leis again used his staff and vehicles to bring Fox News Channel's Sean Hannity to the restaurant half an hour later. Semper Si never has realized the County vehicles are not a private chauffeur service for the use of his friends."

Can you imagine the canniption that Hannity would have if New York City police gave Michael Moore a ride to a dinner with Hillary Clinton?