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Chris Dodd Takes On Bill O'Reilly

Reported by Deborah - August 2, 2007 -

If Bill O'Reilly thought he could get away with cutting the mic of a U.S. Senator, Chris Dodd would have probably been silenced tonight on The Factor, 8/2/07. Dodd did an excellent job confronting O'Reilly about the real motives behind his recent ruthless campaign against the DailyKos and BOR responded predictably with rage and name calling. video

O'Reilly showed the silly doctored photo again with his repeated claim that it had been on DailyKos for over a year. Of course, he didn't explain that it was buried under thousands of posts and comments all that time and totally out of sight. He then baited Dodd with a guilt trip about knowing Leiberman for 30 years and how could he go to the YearlyKos.

Dodd wasted no time telling BOR he found it " stunning" that he would take 5 to 8 cartoons or comments from a site that gets 500,000 visits a day and accused him of attacking DailyKos because of the ideology.

O'Reilly was getting steamed and kept up the vile cartoon stuff trying his ditzy tactic to expose the real Chris Dodd asking, " So you're okay with the cartoon?" Dodd fed up snapped, "Of course not!" Then the face to face combat really heated up.

When Dodd confronted O'Reilly about his infamous comment about San Francisco getting attacked by Al Qaeda in 2005, he denied saying it and yelled " You don't know what the hell I said!" Then he attacked Dodd calling him a propagandist and then sunk into primary school stuff like I used to respect you and Joe Lieberman should never talk to you again.

Believe it or not things were just getting started. Dodd yelled back, " Please let me finish a thought!" and by this time BOR was shaking and rubbing his forehead while repeating, " Hard to believe." When Dodd brought up the Indiana University, it would have normally been time to cut the mic because O'Reilly had already overdosed on truth.

Today on his radio show O'Reilly told his audience that Dodd would never come back from this interview. Maybe Bill should watch the video and rethink his prediction.

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