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Megyn Kelly Plays Judge and Jury Against Another African American, This Time Michael Vick

Reported by Ellen - July 31, 2007 -

Megyn Kelly, the rumored extra-marital gal pal of FOX News’ Brit Hume, was back on Hannity & Colmes last night (7/30/07) ready to declare Michael Vick guilty ahead of trial. What a coincidence that, just like the Duke rape accuser, he's African American. With video.

You may recall that Kelly was a Hannity & Colmes regular during the Duke rape case. In those appearances, Kendall, a lawyer before she decided to make a career in television, nevertheless seemed fervently determined to undermine the Duke legal process and make sure that the Duke defendants were acquitted before trial. By the same token, she was tireless in her denigration of the accuser and somehow always “forgot” that the woman was an honor student and military veteran. So eager was Kendall to discredit the accuser, she put aside her law degree and offered a medical opinion that she wasn’t qualified to make: that the accuser’s condition was the result of pre-menstrual syndrome.

Now Kelly has evidently decided that her superior legal judgment once again obviates the necessity to wait for a trial to arrive at a verdict. But in the Michael Vick case, it’s a guilty verdict. And Kelly, whose own past seems to be less than squeaky clean, could barely contain her theatrical condemnation.

Kelly’s television motto seems to be, “Why wait for a trial when I can foment outrage now?” She insisted to Alan Colmes that Vick was innocent until proven guilty but, while pretending to be analyzing the legal evidence, Kelly, in a torrent of semi-hysteria, dismissed Vicks’ defense. “Judging from what I’ve seen in the indictment, that will not be a successful defense at the trial, Alan,” she told Colmes. Her voice rising with her trademark indignation (her only visible emotion), Kelly continued, “There are at least FOUR (her emphasis) unidentified witnesses in the indictment (she waved a piece of paper like Joseph McCarthy) as well as now this guy Tony Taylor who are going to GO into this trial and tell the jury that Michael Vick was THERE, at these fights, that he purchased not only grown pit bulls but purchased LITTLE PUPPIES from breeders who were selling them and then turned those dogs into ANIMAL KILLERS. So it is not going to be a weak case. It is a very strong case at this point.”

Sean Hannity was full of bigoted glee as he said, “The jury’s gonna hear this. You’ve gotta believe they’re gonna be angry.”

“They’re gonna be outraged,” Kelly cheerfully agreed.

The two of them insisted this case was nothing like the Duke case. Of course, it isn’t. In that case, the accuser was black and adjudged guilty before trial by Kelly and Hannity. In this case the defendant is black and adjudged guilty before trial by Kelly and Hannity.

NOTE: This post is not about Vick or whether he is guilty or innocent but about the way that FOX News and Megyn Kelly thumb their nose at our legal system.