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Kirsten Powers Calmly Counters O'Reilly's DailyKos Hysteria

Reported by Deborah - July 31, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly can usually count on Michelle Malkin and Kirsten Powers to support his chosen outrage of the week during their weekly spot. Malkin provides BOR with a consistent echo chamber always adding an appropriate level of disgust and venom in her responses. Usually O'Reilly plays big brother with Powers teasing her about being part of his fabricated " far left" enemy causing Powers to defensively distance herself from Progressives which serves Bill quite well. Last night,7/30/07, Powers was very focused managing to calmly counter O'Reilly and Malkin's hysterical ravings about the DailyKos. with video

Powers, in Tennessee with the DLC, seemed more self contained and was not softened by BOR's opening buddy up joke. Sure the DLC was all a buzz about the DailyKos, he asked her if she was embarrassed by the silly photo. When he saw she wasn't playing, he tried his usual tricks and got Malkin to gang up with the accusation that people like Powers and Lanny Davis just don't care . Malkin called DailyKos a cesspool and it was blah blah as usual.

When Powers informed them that the primary candidates don't attend the DLC meeting and called all the hype about the DLC a " canard", O'Reilly suddenly ran out of time and switched to the New York Times for some more of his boring judgements. Last night he threw them a crumb. Oh joy