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Fred Barnes Calls Harry Reid "Doofus"

Reported by Deborah - July 30, 2007 -

The normally sedate Beltway Boys, Fred Barnes and Mort Kondracke, were unusually perky this week. There was name calling, impeachment talk, an acknowledgment that global warming is real and even a mention of the DailyKos. 7/28/07

The Boys showed a clip of Harry Reid commenting that George Bush was the worst President in history and Kondracke got real feisty claiming Reid was " the worst majority leader in history". Another Reid clip showed him expressing pride over the hearings Democrats had held so far and promised more in the future. The Boys found that really funny and playful Barnes called Reid a " doofus". It seems The Boys like that word using it in 2006 to describe George Allen after the macaca flap.

Barnes sounded pretty excited about Fred Thompson entering the race although he thought Thompson's wife needed to stop firing people in his campaign. Although Barnes acknowledged that Thompson is considered to be the Republican's hope for a win in 2008 he made this hilarious criticism, " He's gotta have something to say!" Kondracke accused Thompson of "pandering to the base" and noted that he should stop acting like anyone concerned about global warming is part of the " flat earth society". Barnes mumble muttered but didn't deny the claim.

Both were annoyed that Russ Feingold called for a censure of Bush and suggested he introduce articles of impeachment if he was so sure of Bush' guilt as if high crimes and misdemeanors would be impossible to prove.

With one minute to go at 6:59 PM, Kondracke commented very quickly that not one Democratic candidate was going to the annual DLC convention but they were all going to the DailyKos convention indicating their shift to the left. Kondracke seemed very uncomfortable in blog territory and mangled the pronounciation.