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Michelle Malkin So Anxious To Discredit PETA, She Actually Defends Michael Vick

Reported by Deborah - July 28, 2007 -

Michelle Malkin, in for Bill O'Reilly, talked with Daphna Nachminovich, a representative for People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals, about Nike and Reebok's announcement that they are no longer selling products endorsed by Michael Vick . Although the public outcry about Vick's horrific " Bad News Kennels" transcends politics, Malkin chose to side with Michael Vick and attack PETA simply because it's erroneously labeled a left wing organization.

Malkin told Nachminovitch she was concerned that the decision to drop Michael Vick was setting a dangerous precedent and wondered what the companies would do if Vick was proven innocent. Malkin asserted that organizations like PETA forced the NFL to take action against Vick.

Then Malkin attacked PETA directly bringing up a recent campaign by Center for Consumer Freedom accusing PETA of indiscriminatly killing animals. They subtly named their campaign PETA Kills Animals The Center for Consumer Freedom represents Phillip Morris and Outback Steak House as well as other corporations with reasons to destroy PETA. Here is a a more detailed explanation from Consumer Deception.

The short time remaining in the segment was used up by Nachminovich's defense of PETA's concerns about controlling dog and cat populations and humane animal euthanasia. Malkin ended with her hope that PETA's methods were indeed humane.

comment: I don't care what Malkin thinks of PETA. Her suggestion that Michael Vick is a victim of animal rights activism is taking her allegiance to the right way too far. I didn't get the impression that Malkin cared about dogs too much. Anyone who likes dogs even slightly has to be disgusted and infuriated by this situation. Even if Michael Vick claims he never visted his own property and knew nothing about the atrocities, he still deserves to face consequences. In fact, I can't imagine the members of his team would even want him around after this revelation.