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O'Reilly STILL harping on DailyKos

Reported by Chrish - July 27, 2007 -

Talking Points Memo tonight 7/26/07 purported to be about the "farleft" fighting back, but viewers were not told about Brave New Films latest video, FOX Attacks Bloggers, nor were they informed of the cooperative formed to track FOX advertisers. No, he continued to go after DailyKos, dragged NBC into it, and in a first disparaged Stephen Colbert for his pro-Kos comments. Uh-oh, now he's done it - declared war on Colbert Nation!

In O'Reilly's world, his accusations and name-calling against DailyKos is equivalent to an "expose." No matter that threats against Hillary Clinton were found on HIS website: that's a plant, that's not representative, he took them down...(but not before Secret Service was notified.) What O'Reilly really wants is to shame the Democratic presidential candidates out of appearing at the YearlyKos convention, or, failing that, to shame the candidates FOR appearing at the convention. But as Howard Wolfson said the other night,

"the days where you can dictate where Senator Clinton and other Democrats go, who we talk to, are over."

O'Reilly has promised to show an even grosser photo from the DailyKos on Monday than he showed yesterday (an edited depiction of Bush and a goat sharing a moment). He has to make his point that they will stoop to any level to disparage their "enemies." Heeeey, wait a minute...
oh, he "(has) to show awful stuff to get things done." If he has to shock his viewers to convince them that the left is doing great harm, he will.

In O'Reilly's world, the media sympathizes with the farleft and legitimizes their "extreme hatred."
He declared that if a Republican candidate spoke before a far-right hate group he or she would be fried by the media. Since the candidates are speaking to progressive and liberal Democrats and NOT a hate group it is a straw man argument.

He claims that Hillary Clinton "fears" the website and that's why she's going. Oh brother. Is she the liberal bogeywoman his viewers should fear, or is she a moderate pandering to the extremes? Sheesh, she just can't do anything right!

Unfortunately for O'Reilly, the readers at DailyKos are more in tune with the realities of America than he is, and now they're pissed too.