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What Do You Make of This?

Reported by Melanie - July 26, 2007 -

Yesterday (July 25, 2007) Neil Cavuto aired a pre-recorded interview with Treasury Secretary Henry "Hank" Paulson. Toward the end, Cavuto asked Paulson to indulge him "one more question," and he asked Paulson whether he saw the subprime mortgage crisis widening. Two things struck me as Paulson answered and the interview ended. One, Paulson -- again, our Secretary of the Treasury -- looked and sounded like he was either lying through his teeth or he was so uninformed that he was making his answer up as he went along.

Second, Fox abruptly ended the interview but Paulson was in mid-sentence. There was no, "thank you for coming" or "good to see you," as is so typical of Cavuto, who is usually very deferential to Bush administration officials. My gut feeling was that Fox just wanted to get Paulson off the screen because he was making such a fool of himself.

What do you think?