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Suspects in two crimes called names by Geraldo Rivera on Big Story

Reported by Chrish - July 26, 2007 -

Geraldo Rivera subbed for John Gibson on the Big Story today 7/25/07, and aside from the mostly tabloid content there were a few lapses of professionalism in the presentation. Shocking, I know.

Geraldo, leading a discussion with Bo Dietl and CT State Police Lt. Paul Vance about the horrific crimes committed on the Petit family, said to Lt. Vance that it seemed to take an "inordinate amount of time" for the police to get to the Petit home once someone at the bank (where Mrs. Petit was taken by her kidnapper to make a withdrawal) were aware she was under duress, and he replied "that can't be further from the truth, Geraldo." Oops. During the course of the segment Geraldo referred to the suspects as "bums" and Bo Dietl referred to "these animals" and "creeps."

Later, during another crime segment about the young woman found in a young man's bedroom closet by his father, Geraldo referred to the suspect as "a creep" and FOX News Contributor Laurie Dhue, in the studio with Geraldo and showing lots of leg, called the suspect a "scumbag." Geraldo, not to be outdone, called him a "jerk-off."

Comment: It's occured to me that this is what FOX-viewers have come to accept as "no-spin" straight talk, but it's really just no-class trash talk. And it IS spin - we don't need to be told how to view these men, and we don't need our emotional reactions validated by a "reporter." Just the facts, please. Oh, right, that's booooring.