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Neil Cavuto Gives Tony Snow a Platform to Spin Special Counsel Request and Rove Subpoena

Reported by Melanie - July 26, 2007 -

Neil Cavuto was all over the dive in the Dow today (July 26, 2007). The various reasons given by his various guests ranged from it being the media's fault to it being "driven solely by emotion." But Cavuto himself summed it up: "In percentage terms, this is chump change." So, nothing to worry about there. If the person who speaks the longest and without interruption is a gauge of what's important to Fox, Tony Snow won that award today. Snow was on to defended Bush's tax cuts (they were done to "liberate the American people") and he warned that the states shouldn't ratchet-up spending. Then Cavuto asked him about the perjury investigation into Alberto Gonzales and the subpoenaing of Karl Rove. I don't think I've never seen Cavuto be so quiet for so long.


Well, number one, I guess when you can't get your job done you have to change the topic and divert attention. This is political theater.

Let's start first, I guess, about the idea of having a special counsel. Come on! Members of congress have been looking at Alberto Gonzales since January and they said originally, you know, just wait, we're gonna get Kyle Sampson in here and boy, we're gonna get him. And, we're gonna get Sampson's deputy in here and boy, we're gonna get 'em. And the fact is, nothing wrong went on, and so what's happening is, having failed to demonstrate that anything went wrong, members of congress are trying to do a special counsel even though, Neil, the administration repeatedly has reached out. We've said, you want to talk to Karl Rove? Fine. You can talk to Karl Rove. You can talk to anybody that you need to at the higher levels of the administration. You can get access to all the documents. You can get access to all the information. What you can't have is a political spectacle. Now, if you want to have a political spectacle, and you want to raise a constitutional crisis about it, we will resist. But if members of congress are interested in the facts, they can get the facts. We've made them available.

But what's happening now is there's an attempt to create a constitutional showdown over executive privilege. Senator Leahy himself, in '99 and 2000, referred to things like this as a spectacle that in fact would stop the useful business of trying to do legislation. In the United States senate, the number of appropriations bills that have been passed this year are zero!

We have spent something like, I don't know, we've spent tens of thousands of hours producing testimony, the equivalent of 9-1/2 man-years producing testimony for these guys. We've produced 400,000 pages of documents. The fact is, if they want answers, they can get it.

As far as the notion of looking for a special counsel, once again, pure political theater and you know, it's just, well, it's disappointing is kind of the bottom line on this.

Cavuto, smiling warmly: "OK. Alright. You seem upset. That's why -- I just -- noticed that but [laughing]..."

Snow, laughing: "I mean, you know, I get energized because I want better for the American people."

Comment: Again, not one interruption. Not one question. Compare this to the time Paul O'Neill appeared on Cavuto's show. The Bush administration hates Paul O'Neil and Cavuto wouldn't let him get a word in edgewise. He interrupted him 24 times. But ah yes, water boy Cavuto makes sure the Bushies get their message out loud and clear.