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Mailbox Unfunnies - Midsummer Night's Edition

Reported by Nancy - July 26, 2007 -

Here's our most recent collection of hate mail. The messages below appear here exactly as they do in our inbox. I will admit that we seem to be getting a hater who's more high-functioning than had been the case the last time I did one of these compilations. Still, nothing has been changed or corrected, because the spelling & punctuation are usually too funny in & of themselves. Names & other possibly identifying info have been deleted to protect these poor brainwashed souls. Enjoy!

WARNING: Most of these are pretty mild, but there is some vile language in a few, so if you're offended by that sort of thing, please don't read this thread.


Subject: just one question
Hi Guys, you are very much entitled to you own opinion but can you take a look at the other cable news channels and tell me that MSNBC is not left wing, So if FOX is right wing (and I don’t see that) then to be fair I watch MSNBC and WOW they are left as well as the 3 network news channels and of course CNN….can you tell me were your balance is should we all be left wing thinkers? Thanks

Subject: Liberals
You guys claim to be some kind of light in the dark cloud of media, but you guys are openly as hateful and deceitful as the next guy. You are a group of disgusting hate filled liberals who just attack people (who cares if they are conservative or liberal) because it can help you sell advertisement space. You are all a bunch of liberal sissy pussies and I know your pathetic site will eventually fall, just like all your other disgusting liberal sisters. Bitches. Faggots. Fuck you. HAHAHAHA!!!
  Me, Bitch.

Subject: FOX

Subject: (no subject)
Hope you have to pay for your rush to condemn these kids. Sadly you probably will not as you operate in a consequence-free environment --at least when it comes to having to pay for your mistakes. Of course you needn't have rushed, you were already there. You and the vast majority of the web wannabees and press were so anxious to hang these "rich white kids" you ignored the usual plea that your type demand of the rest of the world when one of your favored classes are accused of something. I find your biased viewpoint more pathetic than FOX's, as it seems to carry much more hate in the undertones. A year later FOX looks on the money and you like a fool-- anxious to drag innocent people and THEIR FAMILIES through the mud because it suits your own robotic "progressive" agenda. I would hope you have learned something about yourself.  These kids are the kind of people we need more of in the world, hard-working, smart, diligent and honest. As for those who are "out of control", I would say it was the accuser, the press, people like you and the prosecutor. But then again, maybe that is just part of their respective "rites of passage" into the hateful, reactive, bizarre world of instant conclusions and blame-someone else culture we live in -- and off of which you make a appear to try to make living. 

Subject: credibility
I find your views on fox news hypocritical since you are clearly a leftist orginazion. A bit of advice if you want to be credible which you are not why not go after your leftist leaning bastions of journalism such as CNN, MSNBC, almost every major city newspaper, NPR and PBS.
You talk about distortion as if you on the left have all the truth and that is the height of hypocrisy

Subject: your stories
Your stories sound like sour grapes. What a bunch of losers!!!!

Subject: website
Good afternoon. My name is *** and I came across you web site and found it to be toooooo liberal. I read with great interest and came to the conclusion that you are very bias. Though I am no fan of Fox News I see that you are blaming them for everything. Why not be "fair about the entire picture and post both views so people like me can make up our own minds. On issue is libby's sentence being commuted by President Bush. Sure Libby should have done his time but the pardon took the sentence of the table. But also remember that skirt chaser President Clinton pardoned 16 convicted FALN terrorist from Puerto Rico after they had been serving time for bombing federal buildings. So who is the real hero here? So please publish the facts on both sides and also by the way keep your eyes on the other media stations like CNN and MSN. I want to see if you critize them like you do FOX News. Please do not make me think that you are SP's.

Subject: liberalism at its idiotic finest
With all of the problems in the world, is this  all that you liberal nut-jobs have to do, sit at your computers, and cry and  whine about the only conservative station on television? This follows suit with  all of the Al Gore environmental hypocrites, that say the world is heating up  because of George W. Bush! The liberal media, which by the way controls all  other television, wants no other opinion, other than what the liberal media  perceives to be true. I read most of your reviews on FOX NEWS' stories and  segments, and all I got from your reviews, is that the only thing you-all are  concerned with is that someone didn't think the exact way that you do!  BOO  HOO!!!!!! Get over yourselves! Just because an "actor" says something, doesn't  mean it's true. NEWS FLASH--- Actors play "make believe" for a living, they  don't live in the real world, like most bleeding heart liberals live in a  fantasy world, where George W. Bush is the blame for  everything from  Global Warming to Hurricane Katrina! How can one man be at fault for every  single problem in the world? It is impossible!!! You would think that the  liberal media machine would be attacking all of their newly elected Democratic  officials, who have completely dropped the ball in Washington. But you won't  hear the liberal media machine attacking these newly elected senators and  representatives for not doing a single, solitary thing they promised to do, if  they were elected into office by you liberal loons! All of these left-wing  super-senators, who promised you guys the moon, have sat on their butts and done  nothing. As far as the Iraq war is concerned, it took votes from both parties to  make it happen. In one ear the left is saying "why are we there? We don't want  to police the world." While in the other ear I'm hearing "why don't we do  something about Mogadishu? Why don't we interfere with that countries problems?"  What do you guys want? Anyway all I can say is, just because someone doesn't  agree with you, doesn't mean they are wrong, it means they have a mind of their  own, and their own views and opinions, and they have that right, weather you  like it, or not! This is America, still the greatest country in the world, and  you should be glad you live here, where you can voice your opinion, right,  wrong, or indifferent. Oh, by the way,if you really watched Hannity &  Colmes, you would know that Alan Colmes is the appitomy of liberalism! So at  least FOX NEWS does attempt to get both sides of the story, unlike the majority  of all of the liberal media's sock puppets!

Subject: War
For the Dems,
Why do all you Dems think that this war is not justified?  And what is the difference between Sadam and Hitler? They were both murders that pussed out and took their own lives when we got close.  They could kill others with no problem, but what am I saying they were stand up guys weren't they.  This war has a just cause, always has.  If we had not gone to war things would be a lot worse.  I didn't join the military, I went to college instead, but if I was asked to go help out I would be gone in a heart beat.  Sure there are things about the war that could've been done better, but when you do something and then look back on it don't you see things you could've done better.  When we went to war with Japan and Germany everyone was for it.  We were attacked on US soil and then we went and kicked ass.  Everyone was behind WWII, why is this war any different?  We were attacked on US soil, we went and liberated a country of a terrible tyrant,  and the death toll is nothing like WWII.  And for this the Pres.  and Rep. are the bad guys.  I guess the next time we should surrender and fall under the tyrants power,  is that what you would like.  The only thing different about this war and WWII is in WWII we could see our enemy and in this one our enemy's are such cowards they can't fight like men.  The Germans were noble fighters.  I have more respect for them. 

Subject: Lies
I certainly do not need you to tell me the news......not your lying report. Thanks, but no thanks.

Subject: your site
what an incredible waste ...... ur site is.

Subject: How dumb can you be
You guys are just dumb