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Jane Hall Gets Mic Cut For Exposing BOR's Hypocrisy

Reported by Deborah - July 26, 2007 -

During the weekly press segment with Jane Hall and Bernard Goldberg, Hall commented that O'Reilly also had hateful comments on his website. He reacted to Hall's challenge with his customary journalistic integrity and turned off her mic. 7/26/07 with video

She was probably trying to point out that the comments found on threads don't always represent the blog. However, she didn't get to make her point because O'Reilly got slightly hysterical wailing that he couldn't let her lie on his show.

He wailed that the comments are removed as soon as they're found which is exactly what all blogs do. Until tonight, he was full of self righteous bluster claiming with complete certainty that hateful comments never make it on to his website. Tonight he was so unglued by Hall that he admitted the comments existed on on site while claiming the comments never existed.

First he tried talking over her and then he blocked her with a shot of his website. When that didn't work , he cut her mic as the segment was ending so she couldn't get the last word. You can see her lips moving without sound as she tries to make her point at the end of the clip