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Does Newt Gingrich Want To Be President Of All Of America?

Reported by Ellen - July 26, 2007 -

Newt Gingrich’s presidential aspirations got a boost from Hannity & Colmes last night (7/25/07) as they gave him the top two segments of the show from which to offer his thoughts on the presidential campaign, the other candidates and world affairs. But Gingrich was so derisive of left-leaning Americans (who make up a majority of the country) that one wonders how he plans to govern them if he should get elected. Just force them to live by his dictates? Put them in concentration camps? Gingrich stopped just short of calling liberals dangerous traitors. With video.

Some of Gingrich’s choice quotes from the interview:

"The American left fears the US military, they fear the CIA, they fear the American government but they never fear our enemies. And so it would make perfect sense for (Obama) to openly announce that he’ll visit with virtually any dictator on the planet who would be willing to have him.”

“There’s a huge difference (between his criticism of the Iraq war and the left’s). Alan, I know this is a little tricky but I want us to recognize our problems so that we can develop strategies for victory (his emphasis). People on the left want us to, in fact, leave, to withdraw, to retreat, to legislate defeat. People on the left want to cut off General Petraeus before he even has a chance to try out what he’s doing. You explain to me, why are people on the left so eager to legislate defeat in Iraq and not give General Petraeus the time he’s asked for?”

After that, the cheatin' chickenhawk denigrated diplomacy with those world leaders he doesn't like.

Part 2 of the discussion, below.