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Republican Pollster Frank Luntz Advises Edwards To Tell Television Audience, “I’m An Idiot.”

Reported by Ellen - July 19, 2007 -

Last night (7/18/07), Hannity & Colmes presented discredited Republican pollster Frank Luntz as a neutral analyst during his regular gig there in which he discusses "the meaning behind the words” of presidential candidates. Not surprisingly, he generally finds that Republican candidates present their message better than Democrats. But last night, he outdid himself as he advised presidential candidate John Edwards that, instead of joking about getting cheap haircuts from now on, he should have told a television audience, “I’m an idiot.” With video.

Hannity began his portion of the discussion with Luntz by playing a clip from an interview of Edwards in which he was asked how he justifies a $400 haircut while he’s on a national poverty tour.

Edwards laughed along with the audience. In a relaxed, lighthearted tone he said, “I don’t. No excuses. But can I just tell you, you know some lessons you learn the hard way. I’ve learned my lesson. I got a very cheap haircut a few days ago and I’m gonna keep getting cheap haircuts.” The audience seemed to be laughing along with him.

As Hannity catalogued Edwards' supposed hypocrisy for living rich and going on a poverty tour, Luntz shook his head and said, “It’s simple. The guy’s just a darned good lawyer. He makes the money and he wants to spend it.”

Luntz continued, “What he should have said there is, gone even further. Yes, you two would have had a field day with it. He would have looked the camera straight in the eye to the woman and said, ‘I’m an idiot.’ Sometimes you’ve got to be that candid to just put it aside. If he would say that, nobody would ask him the question again.”

“You know what? I think that’s good advice,” Hannity said.

Something tells me Edwards isn’t going to be taking that advice any time soon. He’s too smart.