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O'Reilly attacks DailyKos some more

Reported by Chrish - July 19, 2007 -

O'Reilly reiterated all his disproven lies and smears against website DailyKos, an admittedly liberal site whose mission is to help elect Democrats. O'Reilly's current mission to tear down the popular site got a boost today when YearlyKos convention sponsor JetBlue requested its ad be removed from the site. O'Reilly is relieved that he doesn't have to boycott them, as he enjoys their in-seat TVs.
With video.

Remember that Indiana University study that calculated one smear every 7 seconds? He outdid himself tonight 7/19/07 in the Talking Points Memo.

"Hate-filled... far-left... vile... hate rivals the KKK and Nazis... haters... character assassins... defamers... hatred... hate... vitriol... wallow in hate... garbage... smearing*... haters...

He did promise an example of far-right hatred in the "Most Ridiculous Item," which turned out to be a clip of the raving lunatic Fred Phelps condemning O'Reilly. Pretty funny that BOR had to go off the chart to a mentally ill man to find the far-right, from where he sits.

After this stream of vitriolic name-calling he had the nerve to say, of the left, that "There are a few radio and TV performers who make a living smearing people as well."

Where does he get off, saying such horrible things about people who have different politics than his? Note that he didn't attack Phelps, he laughed at him. Fair and balanced?