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Big Story promotes meme of Democrats not protecting Americans

Reported by Chrish - July 19, 2007 -

Along with their like-minded right-wingers at Hot Air, NRO, and the Washington Times, FOX via Big Story's John Gibson is promoting the (non)story that Democrats are considering removing an amendment from the 9/11 bill now in committee that would forbid victims of discrimination from filing suit against their accusers. Dubbed "the Imam amendment" because it was inspired by the lawsuit filed by six Muslims who were removed from a flight because they frightened a woman with their prayers suspicious behavior, the language was added in March to "protect innocent Americans who report potential terrorist activity aboard various forms of public transportation by shielding such Americans against frivolous lawsuits." Innocent Muslim Americans need not aplly.

FOX radio host Griff Jenkins, a frequent guest the past few weeks, did the talking while the chyrons told of the Big Story's Big Outrage. Under the constant banner "Protecting the People" the chyrons included

* Are Dems refusing to protect Americans in terror bill?
* Rep. Adam Putnam: Democrats refuse to protect Americans

Gibson used language like "dropping a dime" on "suspicious behavior," and worried that people would be subject to "frivolous lawsuits," with nary a care about the frivolous accusations that may
instigate them. As pale as he is, he cannot relate to the humiliation of brown or black people who are feared for their skin color, their accent, perhaps their language.

FOX endorses Americans reporting one another and the government spying on anyone they want, so long as we remain scared, which they agree is good for Republicans.