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O'Reilly's followers respond to his attack on DailyKos

Reported by Chrish - July 17, 2007 -

After Bill O'Reilly attacked DailyKos (via a hit piece on YearlyKos sponsor JetBlue) his more evolved minions left some choice hate-mails for vacationing Markos, reprinted below. BOR said that hate is bad, no matter where it comes from; we'll see tonight if he calls off the traditional values warriors (tm).

O'Reilly's hate mongers
by kos
Tue Jul 17, 2007 at 03:40:19 AM PDT

I'm still in Greece, coming home tomorrow, but checking my email I see that O'Reilly set his hatemongers off on our humble little site.

Of course Fox News is pissed that we killed their Democratic debates while just about the entire party leadership and presidential candidates will be at YearlyKos. So they send their pit bull to attack. And his minions have responded.

A sampling of the O'Reilly hate in my inbox right now:




Your Evil, Fascist Organization.

Fascist scum like your organization need to be removed and sent to another universe from this one. Evil prevails in your organization, and I hope you will receive the reckoning you deserve when all of you meet your Makers. A gentle riddance to thou in the interim.



...suck beyond belief. Hurry up and die.

I have never seen so much hate

I have never seen so much hate you would embarrassed Nazi’s

Why can’t people like you just make a living, instead of hating everyone else?

Are you all muslims?

I just say fuck you, asshole

and then there's


I hope you all die a slow death. Much like you wish on good honest people like T. Snow, the Pope, etc. Liberal Fucks! I hope you choke on the smog & drown in the global warming waters caused by cows. You people are so stupid. ...

And it goes on. You get the point. Irony in spades, layer after layer of it.

But what can you say when O'Reilly runs the most hate-filled television show in cableland, on the Republican Party's premier propaganda outlet?

Really, par for the course.

I'll be back on the job Friday. See you then.

I'm hurt that O'Reilly isn't railing against the people who leave filthy, insulting, and sometimes violent comments on our threads, and our hate mail has been posted many a time; he could have ridden to our defense on those occassions too. Sob. What a soft little hypocrite.