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Fox News Bashs Live Earth On Website

Reported by Deborah - July 10, 2007 -

FOXNews.com has made sure their readers get a one sided view of the Live Earth Concert but they can cover themselves with the claim that the attacks are opinion pieces and therefore just fine. Since there are no positive opinion pieces on the site, one must assume that everyone connected to the FOX News website couldn't care less about the the environment despite all the concern expressed recently by their boss Rupert Murdoch.

Greg Gutfeld, FOX News' idea of a clever guy, wrote a deeply thought provoking piece entitled, Live Earth Is Dead. It's rather unbelievable that FOX News would consider his 10 year old tongue lashing an opinion. Here are some samples of Gutfelds convincing analysis.

"Celebrity do-gooders from all over came to throw a party for the planet, but we had better things to do."

"Live Earth was designed to enable participating celebs to go on living excessively, guilt-free. But what happens when they realize that their views mean nothing to us? How must Madonna feel, when we've said, "We like your music, but shut up?"

"If Islam takes over, it's goodbye to Madonna and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. If you're gay you'll be strung up like a pi単ata before you can say, "Terrorists have mommies too."Yes, even you, Rosie."

Then, of course, Milloy's Junk Science piece, Live Earth's Gross Groupies, has been on the front page since before the concert. In the Science section there's also an informative article , Fluorescent Lightbulbs Can Become Toxic Time Bombs.

If you're wondering about a little balance, well Roger Friedman claims he had a good time backstage. Does that count?

All the rotten press hasn't discouraged Home Depot from advertising on the FOX website. If Home Depot cares about the environment, they should stop advertising on FOX News. Please sign the petition