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Bill O'Reilly Wants To Know Why Ann Curry Touched Al Gore

Reported by Deborah - July 10, 2007 -

Tonight on The O'Reilly Factor, Tanya Reiman, told us what we already knew. Miss New Jersey, Amy Palumbo, is uncomfortable about the blackmail photos and Michael Moore was angry at Wolf Blitzer. What, Reiman couldn't tell us is why Ann Curry touched Al Gore's arm during an interview at the Live Earth Concert.

During Ann Curry's interview with Al Gore, she grasped his arm when she asked him about the critics of Live Earth. Ann Curry often spontaneously touches people on The Today Show and to me it's a sign of warmth and support.

It's certainly not surprising that O'Reilly chose Michael Moore and Al Gore this week as Reiman's subjects. However, I find it interesting that he chose the incident with Ann Curry to explore. Maybe now that Curry hosted Live Earth, she's on BOR's list of the loony left at NBC..

He wanted to know why she would touch Gore adding that he's never done that.Then he wanted to know if she liked Gore? Reiman said she couldn't tell from that short clip because she's no dummy. She knows that BOR doesn't want anyone to like Gore. Then he got to use a favorite Gore insult. " He's looking more and more like Bela Lagosi everyday."

comment: I'm really going to try to ignore the Body Language segment next week, no matter how unbelievably absurd it is.