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Neil Cavuto Lies by Omission in Order to Smear Al Gore and Live Earth

Reported by Melanie - July 9, 2007 -

Like the good, conservative water boy "business news anchor" that he is, Neil Cavuto regularly hosts segments casting doubt on the issue of global warming. He implies that global warming is an obscure, boutique issue that gives rich, bored, Hollywood-types and washed-up politicians something to focus their ever-wandering attention on, but it's not something that worries real men. However, as momentum grows over the issue, Cavuto is forced to stoop lower and lower in an effort to keep his spin going, and today (July 9, 2007) he reached a new low.

During his "Fox Stox" segment, which is purportedly about stocks, Cavuto told his audience about the ratings Al Gore's Live Earth concert garnered when it aired on NBC Saturday night:

Al Gore's Live Earth turned out to be a dud. Apparently a lotta folks were green and kept their TV's off. The Hollywood Reporter saying just 2.7 million people watched the three hour special on NBC. That's below the 3 million viewers NBC usually averages on Saturday night in the summer.

Comment: Sounds like a gigantic dud, doesn't it? Nobody watched, therefore nobody cares. That's precisely what Cavuto wants you to think. He would rather you not know that, according to Reuters, Microsoft's web portal, MSN said,

The Live Earth global pop concerts on Saturday broke a record for an online entertainment show by generating more than 9 million Internet streams...the number of streams had surpassed the previous record held by 2005's Live 8 global concerts to fight poverty. 'We have exceeded any other online entertainment event,' MSN product manager Karin Muskoph said. 'It's really exciting to see the enthusiasm for the concert.'

(Emphasis added.)

If the facts blow your spin, leave them out.

UPDATE / 9:06 p.m. EDT: This FOX ATTACKS! The Environment video went live today. Late this afternoon, breitbart.tv broke the story. FoxNews.com now says that 19 million listeners tuned in on Saturday. What a "dud." Will Cavuto issue a retraction? A correction? A Fox News update? A FOX NEWS ALERT? I'll let you know.