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FOX Guest: If We Convert to Universal Health Care, Muslim Doctors Will Infect Us All with Ebola

Reported by Marie Therese - July 9, 2007 -

How far will FOX News go? As Melanie posted, FOX's business guru Neil Cavuto suggested that if the United States converts to universal health care, this will open us up to terror attacks on our soil. As usual, Cavuto's themes - set during the week - were picked up by the Cost of Freedom echo chamber - er -financial shows that aired on Saturday, July 8, 2007. During Bulls & Bears, the topic du jour was the failed terror plot in the UK. Brenda Buttner, Gary B. Smith and Tobin Smith all hopped right on Cavuto's bandwagon, dutifully arguing that terrorist attack are a foregone conclusion if we convert to universal health care. Two sane individuals - Pat Powell and Pat Dorsey - seemed incredulous that grown people could suggest some of the nonsense being bandied about the B&B set. Scott Bleier came down in the middle, spouting the usual arguments that the quality of care would plummet under a "socialized" system. With video.

The lower banner (chyron) set the tone for the whole discussion.


Notice that - contrary to earlier in the week - there was no question mark (cavuto) at the end of the banner to "soften" the meaning. It then mysteriously appeared. I guess the legal department told FOX management that leaving off the question mark could indicate that FOX News truly believed that national health care would definitely become an incubator for wild-eyed, fanatical, crazed Muslim doctors fantasizing about killing us all in our hospital beds!

The idea that universal heath care will result in an uptick in biological and explosive terror attacks is so utterly absurd that economist Paul Krugman wrote a scathing attack in today's New York Times (subscription required).

Here's a bit of what Krugman had to say:

These days terrorism is the first refuge of scoundrels. So when British authorities announced that a ring of Muslim doctors working for the National Health Service was behind the recent failed bomb plot, we should have known what was coming.

“National healthcare: Breeding ground for terror?” read the on-screen headline, as the Fox News host Neil Cavuto and the commentator Jerry Bowyer solemnly discussed how universal health care promotes terrorism.

While this was crass even by the standards of Bush-era political discourse, Fox was following in a long tradition. For more than 60 years, the medical-industrial complex and its political allies have used scare tactics to prevent America from following its conscience and making access to health care a right for all its citizens.


Cavuto and his band of toadying Cost of Freedom suck-ups may not have problems with THEIR health insurance coverage, but I can assure you that I and millions like me are only one degree of separation from a health care nightmare!

N.B. Post changed to correct typos and clarify the Krugman quote, July 10, 2007 3:41 PM EDT - MT