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Gibson smears RawStory for original investigative journalism. Can't have that.

Reported by Chrish - June 29, 2007 -

The "fair and balanced" network's hosts are now tag-teaming on the mythical "far-left" with Big Story host John Gibson picking up on Bill O'Reilly's name-calling. Gibson lashed out at RawStory.com in his My Word segment tonight 6/28/07 but mangled the facts of their reporting beyond recognition.

According to Gibson, hate is the driving force on the left and at RawStory ("a blog that not many people read" which at FOX is the ultimate slam: they are all about popularity, not quality, flash over substance).

Gibson apologized for and lauded Dick Cheney:

"Here's one (radical "solution" to the Bush problem): abolish the office of vice president. You could say it's because the lefties hate Vice President Dick Cheney, and boy do they ever. They're mad at him for a whole laundry list of imagined and concocted offenses, having mostly to do with the fact that Cheney 'doggedly pursues our nation's enemies' and he doesn't much care what most people think of what he is doing. The hatred for Bush comes in because it is Bush who lets Cheney do what he wants. The free range of Cheney is the fault of George W. Bush."

Well, yeah. The VP is supposed to report to the P, not the other way around. The offenses are neither concocted nor imagined: they are numerous, well-documented, illegal and un-American. And Cheney "not caring what most people think" is the attitude of a tyrant. Bruce Fein, of Ronald Reagan's Justice Dept, has called for Cheney's impeachment. He is nowhere near "leftie."

Gibson ascribed the thesis that the office of the VP should be abolished to the Raw Story author/editor, Michael Roston, and mocked that it was "even shot down by the constitutional expert which (sic) he interviewed " even though Roston clearly stated

"...some critics of the Bush administration have contemplated a more radical response: permanently abolishing the Office of the Vice President within the American system of government.

One law professor advanced the idea at a popular blog written by scholars of the US Constitution."

"Another blogger anonymously spoke more stridently about the idea of scrapping the Office of the Vice President."

Gibson warned that the hatred from the left would push this story and before you know it, someone like John Murtha or Dennis Kucinich will be floating the idea to a wider audience...except Kucinich wants to be VP, so maybe not. Two liberals with one stone - fair and balanced.

The truth is, there is debate among very serious scholars and legal types about the continued usefullness of the office. Raw Story, a source of excellent original journalism and a serious news aggregator, explained "To further consider these proposals, RAW STORY talked with one of the country's rare scholars of the vice presidency as an institution in American government. Joel K. Goldstein is a law professor at Saint Louis University and the author of The Modern American Vice Presidency: The Transformation of a Political Institution." Read the article and tell me FOX isn't just jealous because Raw is real journalism and FOX is just a digital tabloid.