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New Low for Sean Hannity and FOX

Reported by Ellen - June 24, 2007 -

Guest blogged by crallspace

Never impressive or short of manipulative fearmongering and disinformation, Sean Hannity of Fox "News" and right-wing AM radio sinks to a new low just about every time he opens his mouth. Last Sunday evening (6/17/07), he had a segment on his solo TV program "Hannity's America," that actually put the blame for the Iraq War on an American politician. Forgetting the long string of rhetoric and "factual" reporting that led his audience to believe Saddam or Al-Qaeda was to blame, he put the blame on Hillary Clinton. Yes. Hillary Clinton. He even called it "Hillary's war."

Try and digest that for a moment.

This was the first time I've heard any criticism from Hannity of this supposed noble mission of spreading democracy. Heartthrob Bush is on his way out soon; the unconditional love and brown-nosed commitment that Hannity has invested for so long doesn't matter so much anymore. This is the new tactic of blatantly misleading the public.

Yes, Hillary voted for the war (along with most others in Congress) and has claimed to have changed her mind since 2002- another thing Sean Hannity points out as an unforgiveable sin. How dare anyone change their mind and admit they were wrong? Stand by your peril, wrong or right, despite the facts and any new evidence! Typical haughty, stay-the-course conservatism.

To leave out Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rove, Bush and others, and try to paint Hillary as the responsible party for this Iraq war, now that even FOX can't pretend things are going well, is a journalistic abomination lacking any intellectual value or merit whatsoever!

I believe in free speech and a diversity of opinion, but for the sake of a healthy democracy, "Fair and Balanced" FOX News (and every other news outlet that sells themselves on balance and fair reporting) should be somehow regulated by non-government, non-profit groups. This type of silliness disguised as news is hindering the democratic process of a great nation! Too many people are being led into continually being a part of the overall problem. FOX "News" broadcasts have created political ignorance in epic proportions, and is in large part to blame for the mass ignorance of a largely non-billionaire American public that voted for Bush not once but twice.

While most adults should be smart enough to see through this flimsy facade of smoke and mirrors, a lot simply don't. And think of all the young adults who want to be a part of something; who want to be politically aware, maybe active. Because it is big in name and familiar, they turn to FOX "News," assuming it's of informational value. Over time, they become more out of touch with reality, while thinking in terms of the "reality" their trusted media source has instilled. I know, because I was once an avid consumer of mainstream media who didn't realize the extent of biases and dishonesty - and I was studying media in college! It took years to grasp and understand a lot of the turds in the punchbowl.

A crafty working of graphics, cinematic sound, eye-catching buzzphrases at the bottom of the screen, intertwined with fear-based commentary, factual inaccuracies, continual jabs at one specific political ideology without a fair counter to the criticism... and the constant reminder that this is "fair and balanced news." Just 10 minutes of this may blow the mind of an (adjusting collar pretentiously) amateur media critic like myself, or anyone with just a slight understanding of journalism. To many well-intentioned people and average Joes, it's credible news and information. They report, you decide. Consequently, the audience of "deciders," not to be confused with THE Decider, go out and vote. And, look around. Look at what we're getting as a result. Rights, liberties and individualism traded in for nothing more than a corporate logo... not to mention, 8 long years of Dubya.

They've banned various recreational drugs and chemicals for their harmful effects on the brain. Why should this intentional brain-rotting device, FOX "News," be any different?

You can read more from Crallspace at his blog, www.dancrall.blogspot.com.