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O'Reilly producers stalk Democrats at progressive convention

Reported by Chrish - June 21, 2007 -

Poor Bill O'Reilly, nobody wants to come on his show. Of course, he takes no personal responsibility for earning the shunning, (see earlier post) but instead blames those farleft "fanatics" for pressuring, nay, blackmailing prominent Democrats into refusing his advances.
With video.

Amended 6/21/07, see below.

Hoping to shame and ridicule his desired guests into coming on, he hopes they have the "courage" to stand up to the alleged threats of MoveOn.ORG, what he called "despicable blackmail." (Source, please?) He advised that if the left really wants to take back America, they'll disassociate from the farleft smear websites and pundit character assassins, because what those "guttersnipes" do is not the American way.

Bill O'Reilly has one hell of a nerve calling anyone else a character assassin. He's gone after George Soros, Danny Glover, Rosie O'Donnell, Al Franken, Media Matters for America, the Center for American Progress, Frank Rich, Bill Moyers, Paul Krugman, and 3.2 million MoveOn.org members, to name just a few that pop to mind. What a freakin' hypocrite.

Comment: As a long-time member of and participant in MoveOn.org, I can say I've never seen a threat issued against anyone. There are petitions urging candidates and officials to do or not do certain things, but no threats. Why doesn't O'Reilly ever focus on the Catholic League or other religious organizations who bring all the weight of their membership to bear on candidates? Rhetorical question.

Amend: The Talking Points Memo as reported on the FOXNews.com website omits both the Howard Dean exchange, "They're fair and balanced." "That's funny." and the gales of laughter heard as Mrs. Clinton, surrounded by Secret Service people, walked away from the "producers."