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Bill O'Reilly Offers Lame Objection to Pig Puppets in Condom Ad

Reported by Deborah - June 21, 2007 -

O'Reilly had to figure out some way to defend Fox's decision not to air a condom ad despite the fact that the ad was neither sexually explicit or offensive. Peter Shankman, came on with totally logical arguments that even BOR had trouble debating so he said quite seriously, "I don't want to see pig puppets." 6/20/07 with video

The ad showed pigs in a bar trying to pick up women unsuccessfully until one pig goes to the men's room and buys a condom turning him into a good looking guy. The message on the screen was "Evolve Use a Condom Everytime"

O'Reilly claimed his objection to the ad was an aesthetic one. He didn't want to see pig puppets and he didn't think kids should be looking at pig puppets. (Poor Miss Piggy and Kermit). Shankman made the excellent point that he would rather kids watch pig puppets than CSI about a rape of a 14 year old girl.

Bill said CSI didn't offend him asking Shankman if Fox's rejection was censorship. Shankman made the most important point that condoms save lives adding that the ad wasn't sexually explicit.

Then Bill pointed out that the Catholic Church was against birth control. He didn't mention if the Catholic Church was also against AIDS and STD's. He tried to stay away from that issue since he's a Traditionalist and people didn't think about nasty problems like that in the1950s. Can anyone really imagine Rick and David Nelson keeping a box of condoms in their glove compartment.

Shankman wisely reminded Bill that if Fox is going to ban condom ads, they should apply the same standards to their programming . We know for sure that BOR wasn't going to explore that trail.

comment: Bill O'Reilly worries about kids seeing a room full of pigs trying to talk to unfriendly women and a pig turn into a man after putting money in a machine but has no trouble with violent sexual crime on CSI. He's all concerned about the kids being corrupted with the idea of condoms yet has repeated over and over the distorted but explicit quote about condom use at Boulder High. His show is on before 9 PM and he has sleazy stuff on all the time. Does he think those tiny digital pasties really make a difference.