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1/2 Hour News Hour Takes Aim At Environmental Issues.

Reported by Deborah - June 17, 2007 -

Anyone watching 1/2 Hour News Hour tonight would never guess that Rupert Murdoch pledged recently to fight climate change problems. Environmental concerns were considered a source of great hilarity tonight ending with Dennis Miller really crossing over the edgy line into the psycho realm. 6/17/07

First they did a bit on energy saving lightbulbs. The consumer reporter dropped it and then they took off with the 5 grams of mercury they claimed the bulb contained. There were hazmat clean ups, ticking geiger counters, and then a naked scrub down with water hoses and hard bristle brushs. The bit was done in three segments so it became the major focus of the show.

Then there was a cartoon called Closet Conservative where a guy tosses a can in the trash and his boss, with long mustache to show he's liberal, goes off on him about all his environmental errors including " flushing twice".

In the weekly " There Is No I In Hollywood", Lorenzo Llamas says, " Melting polar ice caps, whatever that is..." A small thing but interesting because it was stuck into a bit that was unrelated so the anti environmental addition was obvious.

Dennis Miller's finish was full of hate claiming concerns about global warming being " creepy". He compared it to body piercing and didn't know if it was "fascisitic or fetishistic". The he got very intense raving about false claims ofNew York submerged which led to the subject of terror which is his only issue . Of course, Al Gore and progressives got a whack as if caring about global warming means they don't care about national security. Dennis Miller declared that he didn't have time to worry about global warming because he's too busy worrying about the world.

Beyond the environmental theme they had time to laugh at a natural disaster which, not surprisingly, had environmental origins. A few weeks back it was the Kansas tornado and tonight it was Katrina.There was a brief chuckle at aging women, transgenders and they always find time to demean Dennis Kucinich. They're fair, balanced and inclusive too.