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Have you signed on to save the Internet?

Reported by Chrish - June 13, 2007 -

*In less than 48 hours, the FCC will stop taking public comment on Net Neutrality. Our window of opportunity is about to close - this is your last chance to tell them to Save the Internet!

Save the Internet!

Update: Link fixed. Sorry 'bout that.

Click here to demand Net Neutrality.
So far, 22,453 Common Cause activists have told the FCC to protect Net Neutrality and stop the corporate division of the Internet at our expense. Will you help us make it 25,000 before the June 15th deadline?

Click here to tell the FCC to protect our Internet before comments close on June 15.

When the FCC let Net Neutrality rules expire last summer, telecom companies were thrilled. Without these rules, there's nothing to stop them from creating a divided Internet. Big Telecom will charge other major corporations steep fees to place their websites in a fast lane. But the rest of us (individuals, nonprofits, and small businesses) will be stuck in the slow lane.

Unfortunately, people like Randall Stephenson -- the new CEO of AT&T, America's largest telecom -- are determined to fight Net Neutrality at all costs. FCC chairman Kevin Martin seems content to leave this matter in the telecom giants' hands. We need to show them that we will not stand by as a new generation of robber barons carves up this valuable public resource for their own private profit!

* From a letter from Common Cause.

This is not a right/left, liberal/conservative issue. This is $$/no $$, and it will adversely affect all who use the Internet. The only "people" to benefit from the loss of Net Neutrality are the big corporations who will profit. Please sign and share widely; time is running out.