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FOX News Tries To Paint Al Gore As Pro-Iraq War And Implies The Iraq War Mess Is Clinton’s Fault

Reported by Ellen - June 13, 2007 -

FOX News must be getting desperate for ways to spin the war in Iraq. Still ignoring what’s happening there (and in Afghanistan), the Hannity & Colmes show last night (6/12/07) dug up some old video of Al Gore speaking hawkishly about Saddam Hussein in 1992 and tried to call Gore’s “flip-flop” news. With video.

The not-so-subtle implication was that the Clinton administration is to blame for not invading Iraq, when it supposedly knew better, and leaving the mess to Bush. Alan Colmes did a fine job of explaining how the Clinton administration reduced the threat from Iraq with its pinpoint bombings and hammering on the blunders made by the Bush Administration in its decision to start an unnecessary war.

The guests were former Senators George “Macacawitz” Allen (was there ever a doubt that a guy with his bigoted tendencies would wind up as a FOX News pundit?) and Bob Graham. I’m a huge fan of Senator Graham but I wish he had directly confronted the FOX News agenda of looking for any excuse to smear a Democrat when, in fact, the shoulders bearing the most blame for Iraq squarely belong to Republicans. So, for example, Graham correctly added to Colmes' points the fact that the Iraq war had taken resources away from the war in Afghanistan but never confronted the issue of why they would be discussing such an absurd "issue" in the first place. Similarly, when Allen tried to smear those against the war as “the radical left” during Hannity’s portion of the discussion, Allen’s BS was allowed to stand, unchallenged.