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When is a fundraiser attracting 8,000 women considered a bomb? When it's for Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Reported by Chrish - June 8, 2007 -

On The Big Story today 6/7/07, host John Gibson and Griff Jenkins of FOX News Talk Radio agreed that because the majority demographic at a Clinton fundraiser was more middle-aged than young, the event was considered a failure - the chyron for part of the segment read "Hillary Bash Bombs."

How's that for "fair and balanced"? Two right-wing guys who serve the same master agreeing that a Democratic woman (two strikes) flopped, when in reality she attracted 8,000 all-important women voters to a single event.

The chyrons told the storyline FOX wanted viewers to know (failure) - "Clinton was trying to rally 18-42 year-old female voters" and "Older women outnumbered younger ones in the audience."

Now wait just a minute. If there were 8,000 women there, 7,999 would be younger AND 7,999 would be older. Were women asked their age as they entered? If so, how many told the truth, and how many said MYOB?

Jenkins, who attended the event, told viewers that they heard from "significant female leaders, mostly from the last century" (his emphasis) including former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Billie Jean King, Geraldine Ferraro, and Senator Barbara Mikulski. American Idol singer Katharine McPhee fled from Jenkins in the parking lot as he tried to get her on the record about Clinton, saying she only wanted to sing and support women and have a good time. According to the chyron, "'older' audience wasn't playing along with McPhee."

As a young woman identified as "Angela" said that Clinton is the first viable woman candidate that "we" (meaning women) have ever had, and that women should vote for her because no man can ever understand what Clinton can, the video showed a large crowd of smiling women, some holding banners. The chyron below insisted "Clinton event for young women doesn't turn out as planned."

Clinton's campaign launched "Club 44" (because if elected she will be the 44th president) to appeal to younger women who want to get involved. The series of block parties are affordable (last night's was $20/ticket). Gibson and Jenkins and the FOX producers did their best to misrepresent the event and lead viewers to believe that Clinton and mature accomplished women don't appeal to younger women voters. Their biased report serves to emphasize the fear Clinton instills in right-wing males.