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Outrageous Quote of the Week @ June 2, 2007

Reported by Chrish - June 3, 2007 -

Start your week off shaking your head in disbelief that people actually say this stuff, AND claim to be "fair and balanced" with a straight face! Quotes after the jump:

Option A. "Encouraging students to break the law and put themselves at risk sexually is not going to be tolerated. If those three think things are bad now, wait until they see what's coming down the pike at them." Bill O'Reilly threatening the Boulder CO School District, after grossly misrepresenting a sex ed program, 5/31/07

Option B. "The TB man story has me completely mesmerized. I've been doing this a few years and it seems every time a story pops up about somebody who has suddenly contracted some strange or incurable disease, it's somebody who is either from the Third World or was traveling through some godforsaken hellhole and somehow managed to contract ooga booga fever." John Gibson exhibiting his usual racial sensitivity, 5/31/07.

Option C. "Now "Talking Points" tries to respect all of those who want to serve their country, but Edwards is an exception. I have no respect for him. He's a phony and is in the tank for special interest to damage this country." Bill O'Reilly begins smear campaign to take John Edwards out of the Democratic race, 5/30/07.

Option D. "Not even prison and rehab can keep these celebrity spoiled brats from flaunting their fabulous wealth. Are THEY the reason so many Americans think they do not have enough, despite this booming economy?" - Neil Cavuto, teaser for upcoming segment, Cavuto on Business, 6/2/07.

Option E. "And there's another odd twist to this. There's a whole lot of folks who are anti-capitalism, anti-American. When they see rich people go into an abyss, what they say is 'I told you. Money can't buy happiness. I told you. I told you.' So it sort of adds fuel to the fire for those folks who, really, for some reason, hate prosperity." - Charles Payne, discussing whether or not wealthy celebrities influence Americans' perceptions of themselves, Cavuto on Business, 6/2/07.

Option F. "The New York Times and the far left want to break down the white christian male power structure". Bill O'Reilly to John McCain, lamenting what he sees as a threat to his comfy status quo, 5/30/07.

Option G. "Jonathan, would our kids be getting a better education if schools were run more like businesses?" - Terry Keenan, host
"If they were privatized, absolutely, Terry, and it's an embarrassment that not only can we not fire this crackpot but the citizens of Colorado are subsidizing, are paying his salary! Again, if you privatized the schools, administrators can hire and fire who they want and the citizens aren't forced to subsidize some idiot, bastard crackpot." - Jonathan Hoenig, founder of CapitalistPig.com on Colorado Professor Ward Churchill, Cashin' In, 6/2/07