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Studio B Avoids Reporting The Deaths In The Iraq War

Reported by Donna - May 30, 2007 -

Day in and day out on Studio B we hear very little about the total civilian deaths and soldier deaths in Iraq. What we usually hear is information about an offensive that may be going on, but not the total of dead reported.

Today they focused on the offensive effort to find the 5 British soldiers who were kidnapped and there was some mention of a helicopter going down a couple of days ago killing two and six others who tried to get to the scene during the half hour report.

What we're not seeing are the actual numbers. For instance, yesterday there were 120 Iraqis killed or found dead and 10 U.S. soldiers killed in addition to the 5 British soldiers who were kidnapped yesterday.

Comment: Is Studio B deliberately deliberately staying away from the death totals in Iraq? Day after day passes and we get sporadic coverage, not a total of what is going on in Iraq. Studio B is supposed to be an all news show and the war in Iraq is the one of the most important issues out there, so why would they not be covering it in detail? We report you decide.