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What Will FOX News Do Without Rosie? Cover Iraq? Nah.

Reported by Ellen - May 26, 2007 -

Hannity & Colmes spent the first half of their show last night (5/25/07) on Rosie O’Donnell’s departure from the view. Sean Hannity described it as “a major development in a story we have been covering for quite some time.” There was even a video montage of their “favorite” Rosie moments. Although I hated to see Rosie give Hannity and his henchmen such an opportunity to crow, it was almost worth it to be done with the obsessive coverage. Then I thought about what would and would not replace it.

In a reprise of the previous night’s discussion, Curtis Sliwa was back, dressed up in the same red crime-fighting costume he wore as a young man in the 70’s and looking every bit as ridiculous as if he had shown up in tie-dye and granny glasses. Joining him again was Ellis Henican. Sliwa was just as obnoxious and hammy as he had been the night before. He even repeated the same jokes about Rosie reminding him of Jabba The Hutt and calling Iran’s president “I’m in the mood for Jihad,” among others.

Once again, Henican, a FOX News contributor, seemed more interested in being one of the guys than he was in confronting the hate speech coming from those “entertainers.”

The only moment of interest came when Colmes confronted Sliwa again over his comment the night before in which he stated that he wished he’d had a bat with which to beat O’Donnell “like a human piñata.” The slick Sliwa, who has admitted to lying when it suits his PR purposes, this time claimed that the piñata comment had been “hypothetical.”

Meanwhile, the show continued to ignore the war in Iraq, the same war Hannity and his fellow conservatives purported to support. There was no coverage, for example, of a CBS Evening News report (H/T Think Progress) about the Bush administration’s unconscionable delays in sending blast-resistant vehicles to Iraq.

In fact, a new study by the Project for Excellence in Journalism revealed that FOX News spent the least time of any cable news network covering the Iraq war. It also spent the least amount of time on the 2008 presidential campaign. It spent the most time of any cable network covering Anna Nicole Smith. PEJ’s report also noted, “Fox also stood out for its lack of coverage on the firings of the U.S. attorneys, compared with the other channels. The story, which gained real momentum in mid March, consumed a mere 2% of Fox’s total airtime.”

So what will Hannity & Colmes talk about now that Rosie’s gone? Maybe Elizabeth Hasselbeck will do them the favor of disappearing mysteriously. I don’t wish her any harm. She could just go have a few drinks somewhere in San Francisco, preferably in a bar owned by Nancy Pelosi’s husband or, better yet, WITH Nancy Pelosi’s husband, and then not return to The View when expected. She could take off with her own husband to Aruba where, maybe, she could uncover what really happened to Natalee Holloway.

That would probably carry the show right into primary season at which point it would probably be an advantageous time for the "real journalism" network to pause long enough to cover the race. By then, Rosie is sure to have re-surfaced and provide more than enough material to keep their viewers from getting bored.