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Fox Experiences "Technical Difficulties" at an Interesting Moment During a Report on the Resignation of Paul McNulty

Reported by Melanie - May 15, 2007 -

Last night (May 14, 2007), at the bottom of the hour during Special Report, Brit Hume announced that Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty had submitted his resignation. However, a suspicious "technical problem" cut Hume's report short, precisely when he was getting to the meat of the matter.

Hume began with:

Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty has submitted his resignation tonight. McNulty cites family finances as a reason but there's also word he's angry about being linked to the matter of the U.S. attorneys who were dismissed last year and he is said to have irritated his boss, Attorney General Gonzales, by testifying that at least one of those fired was...

Fox cut Hume off in mid-sentence and went to an advertisement.

Comment: Even though the show was live, Hume didn't acknowledge the interruption after the ad break but instead went on to another story. Was this an accident in timing? If it was, one would think Hume would have said something about it -- and finished his sentence -- which should have ended like this: "...pushed out to make way for one of Karl Rove's proteges." Then again, I can see why Fox would prefer to air an ad in lieu of talking about that.