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O'Reilly dismisses Indiana U findings, blames Soros

Reported by Chrish - May 3, 2007 -

Is this guy a one-trick pony or what? Tonight 5/4/07 Bill O'Reilly laughed off the findings of an Indiana University (corrected) study that concluded that he labels someone every 6.8 seconds in his Talking Points Memo, contrary to his claims that he doesn't namecall - a laughable denial if ever there was one. To validate his grounds for dismissal he again brought up the tenuous link between George Soros and Media Matters.

At first he clowned around, giving viewers the data in a faux shocked and horrified manner, then in a sneering voice said the analysis ("if you want to call it that," demeaning it further). But somehow, someway, their research ended up on Media Matters, "the smear Internet site" "partly funded by enterprises connected to George Soros." Of course, MM got it same place we did - it's posted on the university website. These things have a way of getting around (thanks to all of you who emailed the link to us, lol.)

O'Reilly complained that Media Matters' press release on the findings doesn't mention that the researchers consider most descriptions to be name-calling, but HE fails to mention that the press release is only two paragraphs and then links directly to the university's full article on the study.

Laughing, he showed his childish chart again that "shows how far-left billionaire Soros contributes money, and his propaganda machine works its way through the Internet into the mainstream media" and claimed that Soros's gang was "furious" with his expose, so BOR knew blowback was coming - thus the IU/MM nonsense. (Except that the study encompasses the last six months.) Furthermore, Soros' OSI donated $5 million to Indiana U - what a coincidence!

Rosie O'Donnell responded to Joy Behar, who brought the findings up on The View this morning, saying yeah, she read it in the paper this morning too. O'Reilly treated this simple misstatement (O'Donnell was holding a printout, quite possibly from a website) as another "aha!" moment and concluded it MUST have been Media Matters, "their daily source of deception."

So, O'Reilly concludes, it is beyond a reasonable doubt that " radical-left" Soros has built a smooth propaganda machine that "has direct access" to major networks ABC and NBC. That's power!

More projection, more smearing of the media. Classic abusive behavior.