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Almost Completely Ignoring Ann Coulter’s History Of Hate, FOX News Gave Her Platform To Complain About Liberals' Hate Speech

Reported by Ellen - May 3, 2007 -

Ann Coulter's declining career got a dose of Republican Rehab from Hannity & Colmes last night (5/2/07) as they hosted her for their “top story,” a statement by the rock group, "Rage Against the Machine” that the Bush administration “should be hung and tried and shot.” As Coulter predictably used the occasion to attack Democrats, she got almost a complete pass on her own “jokes” about murder.

Ever since she offended conservatives at CPAC last March (by calling Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards a “faggot”), Coulter’s support from her fellow conservatives has been on the wane. First, there was a petition asking that speaking engagements no longer be extended to her. Now, thanks to Brad Blog, News Hounds has learned that her speeches have been scrubbed from videos of the recent CPAC and Reclaiming American for Christ conferences. Furthermore, her headlining appearance at the Media Research Conference’s 20th Anniversary Gala was canceled “due to illness.” Rumor has it she was dis-invited. (Incidentally, Sean Hannity is reported to have also canceled because of illness.)

Nevertheless, the 44 year-old Coulter seems to think she’s still a thirty-something hottie who can say whatever she likes and be found adorable. Based on the treatment she received on Hannity & Colmes, one can almost understand such a delusion. With her characteristically revealing sweater, open so low that I thought a boob might fall out every time she flicked her dark-rooted hair over her head, and her ostentatiously large cross dangling against her bare chest, she was full of her usual goofy smiles for Alan Colmes who, I’m sorry to say, couldn’t seem to stop giggling in her presence.

Colmes mildly asked, “You’ve said a few outrageous things over the years. I don’t know if those things ever come up, uh...” He broke off.

“Right, but unlike them, people care what I say.”

Colmes giggled and changed the subject, letting her off the hook.

“Rock star” Ted Nugent was another conservative on the panel to discuss this “important” issue. He wasted no time in getting right down to the FOX News nitty gritty: bashing Democrats and liberals. “("Rage Against The Machine" is) the lunatic fringe that even your average Democrat liberal doesn’t agree with but, unfortunately, nobody’s silencing these guys.” Quite ironic given Coulter's free rein right there on FOX.

The lone Democrat on this lopsided panel was my favorite FOX News pundit, Jane Fleming. I love Fleming but she somehow passed up the opportunity to confront Coulter on her twisted, pro-murder and threatening remarks.

Hannity, of course, was in a state of amnesia about Coulter’s murderous talk. Or maybe he thought talking murder is A-OK so long as Democrats are on the receiving end. He called the band’s words “a terrorist threat.”

“Right,” Coulter said. Then, before long, she was whining about “a lot of violence coming from the left wing” aimed at her. “It never comes from right-wingers,” she had the nerve to say in her New-England-snob accent.

Did Hannity correct that untruth? Of course not! He used her false and hypocritical allegation to further attack Democrats. “Bush Derangement Syndrome – ‘I hate George Bush’ fanaticism now rules the day. So the question I have is, you know, do you think that this is contributing to an atmosphere where it’s sort of building – and I would argue that this is coming from the Harry Reid’s and the Democrats in Washington – that it’s building an atmosphere where it’s acceptable to push this language to the point where we have bands on stage talking about shooting the president?”

“Um, I mean they’re the culmination of it. But it is a serious problem,” Coulter said. She went on to complain about how only conservatives are attacked on college campuses. “You NEVER see it the other way,” Coulter lied. She conveniently forgot that she had posted the personal phone number of left-wing blogger Lydia Cornell and written "Death is certainly sexier than Lydia Cornell." Cornell received death threats as a result.

Coulter continued, “It is always one sided and I don’t think that’s helping Democrats’ PR campaign to look like they’re a civilized people.” She looked off-camera and paused, evidently to allow the other FOX News employees a few more moments admiring her wit.

That would have been a perfect moment for Fleming to nail Coulter on her own past attacks and homicidal “jokes” but she did call Coulter “irresponsible” for trying to connect what the rock group said to Democrats. “And don’t think that Democrats don’t get death threats… and did you forget the '90’s when all you did was criticize President Clinton?”

“We didn’t attack,” Coulter sniveled. “I’m sick of this, both sides, both sides.”

As the segment was closing, Colmes finally said, “Should you have been investigated when you said about Bill Clinton ‘the only issue is whether to impeach or assassinate?’”

“No, it’s a serious legal point,” Coulter said in what she obviously thought was an endearingly saucy tone. “I said if this were a civilized country, that would be the question.”

In Part 2 (not shown here), Colmes did confront her as she tried to weasel out of reconciling then-candidate Bush’s 1999 statement about Kosovo that “Victory means exit strategy, and it’s important for the president to explain to us what the exit strategy is” with his current allegation that providing a timetable helps the enemy. However, neither he nor anyone else confronted her again on her own history of hate.