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FOX Smears Sheryl Crow With Pre Adolescent Bathroom Humor

Reported by Deborah - April 30, 2007 -

Fox News needs a new " hollywood elite" punching bag now that everyone is sick to death of Alec Baldwin so the Beltway Boys went after Sheryl Crow yesterday since she had the nerve to approach the great Karl Rove in public. Kondracke and Barnes stepped out of their genteel comfort zone and ridiculed Crow for supposedly discussing toilet paper conservation on her website.

The Boys cracked themselves up reading Crow's suggestion that people use one square of toilet paper except for those pesky jobs when more are needed. Barnes was full of sympathy for "poor old Karl Rove" who was approached at the White House dinner by Sheryl Crow and Laurie David to talk about environmental issues. Barnes sounded all surprised that they claimed Rove had been rude to them. He grumble mumbled that those " Hollywood types" think they know everything about science and " the science of wiping yourself".

I couldn't find any toilet paper wisdom on Sheryl Crow's site but it was filled with constructive conservation information. Hopefully, their viewers who probably like bathroom humor, went to Crow's site and actually learned something.