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Beltway Boys Reinforce Democrat's Distrust of FNC

Reported by Deborah - April 29, 2007 -

The B Boys, Mort Kondracke and Fred Barnes took shots at a long list of Democrats on Saturday, 4/28/07. It seemed like they decided there was no need to pretend to be fair and balanced anymore and just let it rip giving their viewers 30 minutes of hard core Dem bashing.

Harry Reid was the first Democrat on their bashing roster because he dared to say out loud that the war is lost. The Boys were quite sure the violence is down and the surge is working.

Then Rahm Emanuel got jabbed for comparing the Bush Administration to Nixon's. Barnes claimed the Democrats are just taking " normal" activity and pretending it's criminal. Kucinich's proposal to impeach Cheney got a big chuckle from Barnes before he announced in a disgusted tone that Democrats want to put Karl Rove in jail.

Henry Waxman's oversight hearings were labeled " partisan show trials". Barnes declared that Bush has got to stop thinking that if he's nice to the Democrats they will be nice to him because Democrats just want to destroy the administration.

The Boys actually acknowledged the Democratic debate so they could do the oldly but goody weak on terrorism routine. Barack Obama got the Republican kiss of death from Kondracke comparing him to Michael Dukakis for his response to a question about 9/11. Then they showed a slow motion shot of the candidates raising hands to William's question, " Who believes there is a global war on terror?" Edwards was declared weak for not raising his hand and Barnes said Mike Gravell and Dennis Kucinich " don't even count."

comment: The B Boys didn't mention that maybe the violence looks likeit's going down because car bombings are no longer included in the counts. Deaths from IED's and car bombs have actually increased since the surge began according to a report in the McClatchy Newspapers.