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Bill O'Reilly loses it again, unloads on Jane Hall

Reported by Chrish - April 27, 2007 -

After making the ten seconds of footage of himself in Bill Moyers' excellent (90 minute) documentary Buying the War the focal point of his Talking Points Memo 4/25/07, Bill O'Reilly lost his cool again and viciously berated ever-pleasant Jane Hall for disagreeing that the film was dishonest and O'Reilly portrayed unfairly. Bernie Goldberg, who had earlier said complimentary things about Moyers, looked stunned and uncomfortable at O'Reilly's hair-trigger reaction. Can Bill Frist prescribe something for O'Reilly over the phone? With video.

First in TPM, O'Reilly declared that he was going to prove for once and for all that Bill Moyers is a far-left propagandist. He revisited the chart that allegedly "prove" his financial ties to the "far-left," even though last night he read aloud a letter from Ric Burns, a Moyers' staff member, that said Moyers resigned two years ago from the Board of George Soros' Open Society Institute. He then declared the documentary unfair and unbalanced , even though it spent much much more time exposing the failures of mainstream outlets like the New York Times and the Washington Post than it did on FOX News in general and Bill O'Reilly in particular. Deborah called it last night:

"O'Reilly was shown only twice which will probably annoy him. Both clips illustrated the point that anyone not towing the administration's line was labeled unpatriotic.

1st Clip: " Anyone who hurts this country, will be spotlighted."
2nd Clip: " I will call those who criticize, Bad Americans."

It will be interesting to see if Bill's ego wins out compelling him to play the incriminating clips tomorrow or will he choose to ignore the whole thing."

Teehee, guess we know who's the boss in Bill's head.

O'Reilly is a crappy media analyst. He showed the clips from the film and then broader clips from which they were taken and claimed absolution, but even in the wider context, O'Reilly's point was the same. Moyers just cut to the chase. O'Reilly tried to redefine and reposition what he originally said, but those darn video clips kept smearing him with reality. We heard what he said, and we know what he meant. No take-backs in war. In another stunning case of projection and hypocrisy, O'Reilly called Moyers a "charlatan" and said "you have no shame." That must be one on those personal attacks he doesn't make.

He sequed (by lumping Moyers in with secular progressives like the "vile Media Matters") to his chart "exposing" Soros' funding of MM. Their denial,

"In fact, Soros has never given money to Media Matters, either directly or through another organization,"

was labelled "a total lie" by O'reilly because Soros' OSI gave a grant to the Tides Foundation in 2005 approximating an amount given to MM in 2005 by the Tides Foundation - "figure it out."

O'Reilly ends the TPM saying that it's no accident that "elements at NBC" (LOL, that's what he really calls Keith Olbermann, what a dork) rose quickly to defend Media Matters; NBC News uses Media Matters propaganda as fact almost daily. Disgraceful."

He's referring to this: "Olbermann: O'Reilly's "real anger and real fear rests in the dread that someone is quoting him correctly"

He brought on Jane Hall and Bernie Goldberg to comment on the Moyers' documentary, and was mightily displeased. First, Goldberg said Moyers was a serious man in a field that should perhaps be more serious (citing Anna Nicole, for instance) but Moyers is zealous in his approach and sees things as either good or evil. Goldberg does acknowledge that "to some extent the press was compliant" in getting us into this war, but even when Moyers "does good stuff" he is left wondering what's left out. Now, after seeing O'Reilly's clips, he knows.

Jane Hall called the film an excellent piece of journalism on a topic she's written about herself, and praised Moyers use of the Knight Ridder journalists who alone questioned the administration line and did their own investigative reporting. O'Reilly interrupted her and when she requested to finish what she was saying he said "No, I won't let you finish!"

He asked her if she thought the clips Moyers used of Himself were fair, and when Hall tried to answer he cut her off and demanded, like a judge, a yes or no answer, claiming she could bloviate all night. (We've seen this technique most recently used on Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson). When poor Jane Hall suggested that O'Reilly might be making too much of his portrayal via the two short clips, O'Reilly started yelling at her, saying that he doesn't have access to what Moyers "did." He refused to let Hall have her say (which was essentially that the documentary was excellent and honest and important) and said she was trying to "justify the unjustifiable."

When she said "How many times has FOX News taken half of what David Griffin (?) said..." the name was lost because O'Reilly was shouting so loudly "You don't justify bad behavior by pointin' to other bad behavior!" She tried to carry on, saying that one small thing, which obviously upset him...and he interrupted again, saying "small to you, madam, because you weren't made to be a warmonger dishonest guy - I was!"

Furious now, he dismissed her "shameful analysis" and turned to Goldberg, who agreed that Moyers' editing was crafted to make O'Reilly look a certain way. (Punitive, vindictive, righteous, thin-skinned, hair-triggered, controlling - it ain't difficult.) Goldberg did say he thought much of the documentary was good, but the first ten words - "Four years ago, the Bush administration took leave of reality" - set the tone as an indictment rather than an investigation. (The investigation completed, the film IS an indictment. Sheesh.)

O'Reilly had the last word, complaining that he doesn't have access to all the raw materials (that would presumably further his lame claim that Moyers' editing is the problem). In that vein, he reiterated that he accepted Moyers' invitation for an interview, as long as it happened in the FOX studios and FOX could record it, because he doesn't trust Moyers' editing.

Comment: This is exactly why MoveOn.org, Brave New Films, and many others took action to convince Democrats to not allow FOX to control any debates and resultant footage. FOX routinely edits and excerpts people out of context to further their agenda, but the world has caught on.

This vicious piece of "infotainment" was a hit piece intended ONLY to discredit Bill Moyers personally and professionally, and to guide Factor viewers away from the damning documentary that effectively destroys the liberal media myth. If you haven't already, WATCH IT and pass it on.