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Krauthammer Claims if US Had Troop Readiness Provision During WWII, We'd All Be Speaking German

Reported by Janie - April 24, 2007 -

Regular panelist Charles Krauthammer once again appeared on last night's (4/23/07) Special Report, and continued to provide the viewing audience with misinformation, while wildly claiming that ensuring our troops are ready for battle would have made the United States lose World War II.

During the "All Star Panel", host Brit Hume led a discussion on the Democrats bill that calls for setting a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq. When the conversation was turned over to Krauthammer, he had this to say:

"This is a capitulation of the Democrats to the hard, anti-war left in their party".

Comment: Sure... if 57% of Americans are "hard, anti-war left."

He continued, "What's more, it indicates the withdrawal starts no matter what the Iraqis do. They get a three month grace period if everything is done, which of course, it can't be done. The way I read it however, is after the conclusion of the 180 day period, when withdrawal starts, they have 6 months, and after that 6 months, the Secretary of Defense may not deploy or detain the armed forces in Iraq except for training and a few specific missions.

That's a full withdrawal in 6 months. That's pretty hard left."

Comment: What Krauthammer, and Fox do not want the viewers to understand is that the bill does not actually contain a "hard and fast" date for withdrawal, but rather contains "goals."

According to Representative Obey, "The reason the president will veto the bill is because he does not want to be on record in support of anything whatsoever to commit him even to a goal of withdrawal from an Iraqi civil war by any specific point in time."

Krauthammer continued to "explain," "The other provisions are the ones in which the President is restricted in deploying troops with restrictions about readiness, also about the amount of time a troops had been deployed earlier. These kind of restrictions which Murtha has told us, were explicitly chosen because they're impossible to meet, they're something no president, even a Democratic president would not sign, because it is a huge..."

Comment: Apparently, Hume didn't want his viewers to hear that a Democratic president wouldn't sign such a bill, because he broke in and attempted to "correct" Krauthammer.

BH: "Democratic would sign."

Krauthammer went along with Hume, and changed his tune to again trash Democrats, despite the fact the correction entirely changed the meaning of what he was originally saying.

"Would sign, because it is a denigration of powers of the Commander in chief that is unprecedented."

He finished with a wild flourish, " If we'd had these provisions in the second world war, we'd be speaking German right now. We wouldn't be sitting here on this panel – if we had a panel."

Great conservative values, standing up for the right to make sure our troops aren't ready to go into battle.