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Fred Barnes Claims Censorship May Not Be A Bad Idea

Reported by Deborah - April 15, 2007 -

The Beltway Boys , Mort Kondracke and Fred Barnes, took the responsibility away from Don Imus and focused blame on our pop culture for creating an atmosphere that would permit his comment. There was no mention of influences like Coulter or Limbaugh but , Al and Tipper Gore, Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton and Hollywood were mentioned.

Kondracke complained that " It's Hard Out There For A Pimp" won an Academy Award two years ago for best song adding that African American kids shouldn't be subjected to rap music and videos. Barnes offered objections to cable TV and full frontal nudity. He did not mention all the full frontal nudity with digital pasties found on FOX News.

Barnes opined, " We're never going to have censorship although it may not be a bad idea." Then he just had to bring Democrats into the mix talking about how Al and Tipper Gore wanted to censor lyrics but backed off because they didn't want to lose the youth vote. Barnes didn't mention that Tipper Gore's concern over Heavy Metal lyrics took place 23 years ago in 1985 and she was part of group that included James Baker's wife. Then Barnes suggested that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton need to " rise up against their Hollywood patrons." He did not tell viewers that Obama had in fact called for Imus' firing.

comment: Tonight, 60 minutes ran an old piece on Don Imus which showed his long history of offensive comments. Many examples given were nasty political comments quite similar to the things we've heard FOX personalities spew on their radio shows and later cleaned up slightly for TV. So FNC will continue to try to divert the focus from the real issue at hand. If it happened to Don Imus. who then will be next?