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Fox - Nancy Pelosi - Meddling In The Middle East

Reported by Donna - April 2, 2007 -

Today on Fox and Friends the three stooges kept their focus on Nancy Pelosi's visit to Israel and Syria The Fox banner read Syria-ous Mistake?

They started out the segment by saying that the White House was "less than pleased" and that Pelosi had a message to deliver to a state that "sponsors terrorism.." The three hosts include Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade and back from maternity leave, Alisyn Camerota.

Camerota said that Pelosi was under fire as she tours the Middle East. Reena Ninan in a report from Jerusalem said that this trip by Pelosi was causing a great deal of concern at the White House. She stated that Pelosi went to Israel and was headed to Syria which she said the White House called a "a very bad decision." Pelosi is expected to carry a message from the Israel Prime Minister to the Syrian President.

The banner read, 'Pelosi Criticized For Planned Trip To Syria'

Later on they spoke some more about her trip and Doocy said, "Here's the thing, what's she doing? This is something the president does." He went on to ask, "What's the Speaker of the House doing freelancing?" He then went to a video of Dan Bartlett, White House Counselor, who said he thought most Americans did not think that the leader of the Democratic Party should be meeting with a head of state sponsored terror.

Chit chat followed with Camerota asking if just anyone can go over there. Doocy said that it's amazing that she's over there doing this and obviously the White House was not happy about it. He said that that was the question of the day and they wanted to know how their audience felt about it. The Question was: Speaker To Syria, Mediating Or Meddling? Doocy asked if she was doing any good or simply screwing up things.

Doocy started reading responses later on in the show. A U.S. contractor in Iraq said to please stop wasting jet fuel and other resources needed for the war effort. Of course the same commenter also added to "send us some biker chicks with real Italian food." Which gives you an idea of the people calling into Fox and Friends. Bill in N.J. said she was foolish for letting Syria use her. Doocy said this was a good point. A woman called up to say Pelosi was using energy instead of taking care of problems at home. Doocy said, "Yeah, what's her carbon footprint?" Another commenter said Pelosi would show up in her head scarf and would soon be deferring to the ihmans. Doocy said he didn't know about that.

Doocy said (surprise, surprise) that he couldn't find anyone who said she was mediating. A caller called Bob said, "I think this little speaker girl is meddling, she has no business being in the middle east, it's not her job." (Nothing sexist there) Doocy said they apparently had one caller who said Pelosi was mediating but they hung up.

Comments: All in all a very one sided report from the Fox trio on Nancy Pelosi's visit to the middle east.