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Fox Lies And Says Harold Ford Jr. Was Breaking With His Party On Iraq

Reported by Donna - April 2, 2007 -

This morning on Fox News Live there were several teasers about former Democratic Congressman, Harold Ford, Jr. coming up and said he would talk about his break with his party on Iraq.

When Harold Ford, Jr. came on Doocy tried to get him to speak badly about Nancy Pelosi. Ford wasn't falling for it and though he's now a Fox News Contributor said he had the utmost respect for Nancy Pelosi and hoped she achieved her goals. Of course Doocy added that the White House wasn't happy with it. Kilmeade broke in to say that the Democrats wanted quit and Republicans wanted to win. (Comment: Can you get any more partisan than that?)

This was Harold Ford, Jr.'s chance to come on and talk about their earlier promos that said he was breaking with his party. He said they were completely untrue. He was not breaking with his party and he thought the timetables his party set forth was a good thing and would work well together with General Petreus' plan.

Comment: Fox News Live - Making up stories, even when they're not true and you find out in the same segment that they were not true. Doesn't stop them from announcing them several times.