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Fox News Collecting E-Mails for White House Spokesman

Reported by Judy - March 28, 2007 -

Right off the bat, I want to say this is not about Tony Snow. The poor guy has cancer and I don't want to kick him when he's down. But I really wonder if Fox News is doing the right thing by inviting viewers to send their "get well soon" e-mails to Snow through them. With video.

The Fox News morning show, "Fox and Friends," on Wednesday (March 28, 2007) featured an update on the recurrence of Snow's cancer. At the end, "Fox and Friends" urged viewers to send e-mails to Snow to them and they would see that Snow received them.

Snow, of course, worked at Fox News before going to work as George Bush's spokesperson.

Snow's illness probably hits the employees of Fox News more personally than those of other news organizations, but as professionals they need to distance themselves from the people they cover.

Are other news organizations doing the same thing? Wouldn't it have been better to get an e-mail address at the White House and urge people to send their good-wishes to that address? They did not offer to collect "get well" wishes for Elizabeth Edwards. Should they have done so for Snow?

I'm just asking whether Fox News, which already has the reputation as being the mouthpiece for the Bush White House, should put itself in this position.