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Tackling Immigration - The GOP Way

Reported by Donna - March 20, 2007 -

Today on Fox News Live with Jon Scott (12 - 1 p.m) he had a segment that spoke about illegal immigration and how it affected the candidates for 2008 but kept a banner up for most of the segment that said "How Are The GOP Candidates Confronting Immigration?' (Note: The Democrats didn't get a banner, I suppose they are not tackling the issue)

Below is my transcript of the segment:

Jon Scott: "Alright, immigration, there is no issue that perhaps divides candidates more than immigration in this country. It is proving troublesome for many of the candidates on both the Republiican and the Democratic side. How the 2008 presidential contenders are tackling this hot and controversial topic and how are they defining their stance on the growing battle. Joining us now Ron Kaufman, he is the former White House Political Director and Republican Strategist. He is a Mitt Romney supporter this time around. And Debbie Dingell, she is a Democratic Strategist. Welcome to both of you.

Ron, have you seen some of the Republicans changing their opinion on immigration because of the hammering they're taking on the campaign trail from just ordinary Americans who want something done?"

Ron Kaugman: "Well, clearly it's the biggest issue outside of Washington in every coffee shop and restaurant across America. Voters feel that Washington has not done their fundemental responsibility of protecting our borders. And quite frankly immigration is now upside down. We have highly skiled workers (who) can't get in and unskilled workers are coming across the border in droves."

Jon Scott: "Debbie, if he's right and if immigration is the number one issue in coffee shops across America how come nothing has been done about it in Washington?"

The banner across the bottom read 'How are the GOP candidates confronting Immigration?' and stayed up for most of the segment.

Debbie Dingell: "Well, first of all I love Ron but I respectfully disagree that it is the number one issue in coffee shops across America. I've been out there and they're taking about the war and their disagreement with the president. That doesn't mean that immigration is not an issue out there that matters to a lot of people and quite frankly it matters in some of the states like Iowa. What I find disappointing is some of those Republican candidates who had some heart and compassion and understood it now are changing their positions because quite frankly some of the fear that people have out there. Immigration is a complicated issue but I wish that some Republican candidates wouldn't change the position that they took last year."

Jon Scott: "Well, the Democratic candidates aren't all on the same page either?" (Comment: The Democratic Stategist was answering the question and she said that the Republicans had changed their stance since last year, not that they weren't all on the same page)

Debbie Dingell: "No they're not but I think that you will find that for instance, legislation was passed last year by the Republican House that would have made it a felony for someone to have helped any illegal immigrant if they were ill and I don't think that you will find any Democrat supporting that. I don't know that for a fact but most Democrats certainly don't support that."

Jon Scott: "What about the prospect, Ron, of at least having illegal immigrants go back to their home countries to sort of register, to try to get back into this country legally. Is that something that you would support?"

Ron Kaufmann: "The truth is Jon, we've taken a very easy issue and made it complicated. This is simple. One, make our borders safe and secure. Make sure that people don't die crossing the borders that terrorists can't cross the borders. Two, change our laws to allow folks that we want here to be here. Make sure that folks have a right of that. Make sure that folks have a card that shows what there status is and employees can't hire people that don't have that card. And then three, deal with the problem of the folks who are here. I really believe that if you do those things in that order this problem gets solved. It ends up in the end where some have to go back and then come back again, we'll see. But in the end people are worried about too many people coming across the border illegally and that's the issue."

Jon Scott: "We'll see whether, uh, in fact this campaign season gets the issue solved."

Comments: The Democratic Stategist stayed on topic and was concise and to the point on her answers. She brought up the fact that the Republicans had offered legislation last year that would have made it a felony to help an illegal immigrant who was ill.

The banner, 'How are the GOP candidates confronting Immigration?' stayed up for most of the segment yet Jon Scott came back with an unrelated question about Democrats that had nothing to do with what the Democratic strategist had said. I guess it was his 'gotcha' moment when in reality it didn't even apply to what she had said.

As for the Republican strategist, saying it was a simple matter instead of a complicated one, he couldn't be more wrong, illegal immigration is a highly complicated issue.

Debbie Dingell did a fine job and could stand as an example of how Democrats should act when they appear on Fox, which is tough considering the Republican Strategist got the first and the last word.