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“Patriotic” Sean Hannity Observes Iraq War Anniversary By Snubbing The Troops, Blaming The War On Democrats And Making It All About Himself.

Reported by Ellen - March 20, 2007 -

Here’s how Hannity & Colmes observed the anniversary of the Iraq war last night (3/19/07): At the end of the show, after yet another discussion about Anna Nicole Smith, a brief clip of Sean Hannity announcing the start of the bombing of Baghdad was played. The chyron read, “FLASHBACK: IRAQ WAR STARTED 4 YEARS AGO TODAY DURING H&C” as though it was the show’s milestone rather than an event of real national significance. With video.

There was no mention of the more than 3,000 troops who have died nor the nearly 50,000 “non mortal” injuries to Americans in the process. Then, after Alan Colmes expressed amazement that the war is still going on considering “the way they sold the war to the American people,” Hannity began to smear his fellow countrymen and falsely accused the Democrats of “selling the war.”

Hannity’s ludicrous claim was that “Hillary sold it, and Kerry sold it, and Clinton – Bill Clinton sold it, and Biden sold it.”

“Who’s the Commander in Chief?” Colmes asked. “The Commander in Chief is George W. Bush.”

But unfortunatelly, Hannity’s grandstanding and dramatic gesticulating had already begun. “(Hillary) bragged ‘I voted for that.’” From there, it was just a short hop to Hannity’s favorite stomping grounds - claiming that Democrats are undermining the troops and emboldening the enemy.

“I have words for you liberals,” Hannity said, ticking off on his bullyboy fingers. “Stop stabbing our troops in the back, stop emboldening our enemies.” Hannity has yet to provide a scintilla of evidence that any liberal or Democrat has emboldened a single enemy. But that never prevents him from spouting this talking point night after night on “real journalism” FOX News.

“Once you give up your right to speak, you give up your civil liberties, your civil rights in this country, then the terrorists have actually won,” Colmes said.

In fact, you could argue that what really emboldens our enemies and undermines our troops is seeing “big, tough guys" like Hannity willing to toss the Constitution overboard, cut and run from the hallowed principles under which our country was founded and turn on his countrymen just because 19 hijackers pulled off a horrific act. It’s not like Hannity's own neck is at any risk. Could our enemies feel any more powerful?