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Bill O'Reilly Shows His True Depth With Salt Lake City Mayor

Reported by Deborah - March 20, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly, rang the lefty alarm tonight with a chyron reading, "Far Left On Fire". Salt Lake City Mayor, Rocky Anderson, was summoned to face the great one after courageously calling for the impeachment of the President and Vice President this weekend. However, the only one on fire during the interview was Bill O'Reilly who ended up losing control and calling Anderson "kookie" several times. Then sinking to a new depth, he made fun of Anderson in the next segment.3/20/07 With Video

BOR figured he could easily bully Mayor Anderson but he was dead wrong. He started off challenging Anderson about Impeachment saying there needed to be a crime. Anderson attacked immediately claiming that O'Reilly didn't know much about the Constitution which Mr. Bill the history teacher didn't like at all. " I think I know more about constutitutional history", he barked. The fight was on and anyone familiar with O'Reilly's patterns could tell where it was heading.

In the previous segment, O'Reilly had gone after the New York Times for not being truthful and Anderson started to tell him he was doing the same thing but didn't get it out. BOR attacked but Anderson just kept talking over him. O'Reilly sputtered with rage. " You don't know what you're talking about." You're kookie" "You're subverting you're country." You're an irresponsible person." You don't know what you're talking about." You're a kook."

Anderson calmly told O'Reilly, " Classic Bill O'Reilly. You invite people on your show and call them names." So Bill changed it to, " Your interpretation is kookie."

BOR wasn't finished with Anderson yet asking him if he was a former President of the ACLU; President of Utah Planned Parenthood and a blogger for the " far left" Daily Kos. When Anderson objected to his line of questioning O'Reilly sneered, " I just want them to know who you are."

An interrogation about Anderson's opinion on Iran followed but there wasn't much O'Reilly could attack him about since his responses were totally rational and agreed that Iran could not be permitted to have a nuclear weapon but added that he would need assurances that the intelligence was correct before proceeding with military action after diplomatic efforts .

O'Reilly couldn't allow Anderson to appear reasonable especially since he expressed the opinion of the majority so he said, I don't think the President is a liar!".

After Anderson was gone, BOR asked viewers to vote in his new hate the far left poll. "Who do you think is more radical left?"
Rosie O' Donnell
Bill Maher
Natalie Maines
Sean Penn

Judge Andrew Napolitano was up next to assure Bill that he indeed knew more about the Constitution. O'Reilly complained with a weary chuckle, " This is what I have to put up with." Raising his voice to a high falsetto, pretending to be Anderson, he whined, " Don't call me names!"

He seemed to realize that he had lost control telling the Judge, " He'll use it on the far left websites all day long. Who cares!"

comment: For once Bill O'Reilly was absolutely honest and correct. Bill O'Reilly couldn't care less about what he does to " the folks".