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John Gibson Tries To Discredit Gore Before Wednesday

Reported by Deborah - March 19, 2007 -

John Gibson, realizing that time is running out before Al Gore speaks to Congress about climate change issues on Wednesday, 3/21, brought in some help from Sam Thernstrom, American Enterprise Institute. Gibson must have finally gotten the message that making fun of drowning polar bears and global warming denials just won't cut it anymore so some message alterations were made.

Gibson started off with a sneer at John Edwards for running a carbon neutral campaign as if that was a laughable idea. Then he ran his inevitable full screen graphic collage with Gore, the earth and a polar bear with the question " Self Serving PR or Sober Warning?" This set the stage for Therstrom.

Therstrom brought back a Gore adjective, "shrill" used over and over on FOX especially by Hannity each time Gore spoke out. This time Therstrom accused Gore of being a " shrill alarmist and extremist". He added regretfully that it was a shame since Gore had International attention and a chance to " promote serious dialogue".

Gibson said scientists, unamed of course, think Gore takes shortcuts with science.Therstrom added, " Mr Gore distracts from reality." He then offered his very best double speak analysis of what needs to be done which began with the phrase" The sober response is prudent steps to develop our capacity for the potential...." The neverending sentence gave no remedies unlike the detailed lists of specific and immediate steps Al Gore has provided for everyone to start making immediate improvements.

comment: Anyone who has seen An Inconvenient Truth knows that this hit job by Gibson and Therstrom was beyond distorted. Therstrom's allegation that Gore has squandered a chance to " promote serious dialogue" internationally is laughable. Although I've witnessed this dangerous stupidity from Gibson many times before, I'm always shocked, disgusted and amazed that his behavior is rewarded by FOX News.