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Lame Attempt By FOX and Julie Banderas to Ridicule Al Gore

Reported by Deborah - March 18, 2007 -

It's pretty predictable that FOX News would try to smear Al Gore before he appears in front of the Senate this week to discuss Global Warming. However, todays attempt by Julie Banderas on Big Story was rather ridiculous. She devoted a segment to explore the possibility that Gore's recent weight loss means he's planning a 2008 run. Kristen Powers and Joe Pagliarulo were on hand to speculate on this weighty question while calls were taken from viewers.

Banderas and guests at least didn't try to pretend this was a serious issue. However, it was clear that Banderas did this segment as a way to ridicule Gore. Banderas probably figured her callers would get into the act too but that really backfired on her. The first caller from Georgia said he was supporting Mitt Romney but was very respectful to Gore calling him a good man. That is definitely not the kind of responses Banderas usually gets from her callers.

Joe Pagliarulo was not pleased claiming the caller was " too nice" expressing a wish that Gore " gets smacked upside the head" for his Global Warming theory. He added that Gore probably doesn't want to run because he would " be exposed for the fakery".

Then the next caller from Texas was a big dissapointment too. She thought Gore might run and she actually sounded like she would consider voting for him saying, "I usually vote for the person running" suggesting that a Democrat like Al Gore would be acceptable.

Although Pagliarulo resisted fat jokes considering he appears to struggle with weight issues, the call from Texas pushed him on the low road. " He's as big as Texas," was the best he could do making him look mean and childish.

comment: The segment fell flat and not only because it was so silly and superficial. The obvious respect for Al Gore expressed by two Republican callers from red states was a glaring condemnation of her tactics. She unwittingly showed viewers that if Al Gore runs in 2008, he'll win in a landslide.